So this just happened:

So if you’re a Nintendo fan, a Mario fan, definitely a Princess Daisy fan, you may have seen how Princess Daisy, the Mario series outgoing tomboy, was revealed for Super Mario Maker.

And how it lead to all of this:



You know what they say, closed mouths don’t get fed. So start yer yapping! How did I do this? How could someone make such an ingenious foil, you definitely just thought to yourself. Well it all started when I was looking at the Costume Mario characters for Super Mario Maker. As I was looking through them, I noticed how there really isn’t much to the way these characters are made for the game. They have some movement animations and a single-frame pose. I thought, gee, if Nintendon’t make-a Daisy, I’m-a make-a Daisy! Mama-mia, etcetera.


Well I referenced a lot of the pre-existing character’s sprites and looked at how many pixels make up this and that, what shapes imply what space. Just science, really.

I took it a step further by making it look like one of the character photos from the Japanese website, copying the Y from Yoshi, the S from Shizue(Isabelle), so on and so forth. Changed the hue to match. And touched it off with copying and pasting the letters for her name in Japanese to get the finished product all over these news stories.

To finish off my dark plot, I sent anonymous tips to a couple video-game news sites, and like any anonymous tip to the news, they ate it up. It brought out a ton of Daisy support. People were pissed at the idea she was scrapped, people were joyed to think this meant she would be coming soon. And, a couple people were not convinced of my story. What I had said was, I found her on the Japanese site’s encrypted files. Har-har- This way those foxy hackers weren’t gonna find her in the game files, so it seemed less outright deniable. Some people still weren’t convinced, just a couple, though. And to my flattery no one said it didn’t LOOK real.


So the sad part is, it’s not real. Yes, I’m sorry to do this to you Daisy fans, but really, it’s Nintendo doing this to you. Putting in stupid crap like a mahjong piece as a costume, and already managing to fit Waluigi in, it’s just not fair, is it? Well this isn’t new to Daisy fans. People were commenting on this months ago:

With gamefaqs users getting their hopes up. ^


Gamefaqs users also losing their hopes. ^


And redditors voicing their disappointment. ^

But as you can see, all hope is not lost. Looking at the response on the news outlets, twitter, and tumblr, her fans are wanting this bad. Maybe almost as bad as we’ve been wanting her in Smash Bros., but over something seemingly so small, it goes to show how much her fans love her. And of course, Daisy is clearly a polarizing character, with many Nintendo fans thinking she has one line, to plenty also thinking she’s Peach recolored, but that’s their opinion, What matters is the love, so keep in mind:

“It has been proven that people who HATE Daisy, make fun of her, or say malicious things about her secretly have a crush on her. PLEASE stop denying your love. “


That means you, Hernandez. We know you’re crushing, which makes you the Waluigi of the Marioverse. It must be how much you can empathize with her. WAAAAA