Daisy's been in almost 50 games with 85% playable appearances. That's way more appearances than the majority of playable characters in the Smash Bros. series, and 20% more playable appearances than even Peach. Contrary to the idea she's actually enough like Peach to have a clone move-set, Daisy has her own personality, statistics, and special-abilities; more-so even, than Luigi does from Mario.

Daisy's fans wish she'd appear in the "main" games, but she's at least doing more in most of her appearances than she would merely furthering someone else in a role like the damsel-in-distress. In reality, it's not often most other characters get equal treatment in these games, but it still serves as better exposure for mostly arbitrary reasons.


Despite a long history of appearances slowly showing what makes Daisy her own character, it's a shame she hasn't been featured in a more important role in the platformers at this point. Specifically: a leading, main, playable-character role with her own drive or story.

Below I've written out almost anything you'd need to know about Daisy to actually know her for her true character. I think there's more than enough there to show she's got what it takes to be playable in a Smash Bros. game, too.

Presented in character of Daisy herself, here's info you should know about her if you're gonna share your opinion on her:
In golf, I have one of the longest shot distances with the greatest shot heights of any character in both of my appearances. My first playable golf appearance is also where I got my long-time voice-actor, Deanna Mustard. She's filled in the personality for my original description as an energetic tomboy! That's right, they had an idea who I was in my one-time damsel-in-distress debut yeeeears before I proved I had the swings to keep up with the big boys.

In my first tennis appearance I have the most power of my class, and in my second I have the best serve of my class. My defensive move is the "Flowerbed Return," where I leap towards the ball over a bed of flowers that grow beneath my path; making improbable returns easy returns. My offensive move is called "Wonder Flower," where my racket grows huge petals, and I mask the power of my shot, knocking my opponents back, using-up their stored power, and disorienting them upon any attempts to return it. You don't wanna be around when this maid comes a-courtin'.

In my karting debut, I showed off my own personal race-course, the "Daisy Cruiser." This place not only showed up later as a retro-course, but I even used it as my own baseball stadium! Who else can say they've got their own cruise-ship baseball-stadium combo? The "Daisy Cruiser" also proves I'm royalty, and it makes sense I have my own cruiser, being the ruler of four constituent-kingdoms of Sarasaland. Yeah, I'm not just the princess of a desert kingdom, I'm the princess of a water kingdom, an island kingdom, and even an oriental kingdom. That's right, I'm multicultural out my rear. Which goes in-line with my many uses of contemporary vernacular; that means accents and slang. I got my Dixie-accent: Yay-haw! Yeah-hoo! Valleyspeak: Seriously? Whatever! And mhm, even Ebonics: S'up, yo?


Not good enough examples for ya? Well it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Deanna Mustard has been quoted as saying she feels my personality is shown best in my football (soccer for Americans) appearances.

They even put me in my football uniform for my latest trophy in Smash to show props. If you don't think what I say shows off my personality enough, think again. I'm a total show-off! I'm always arms-akimbo (that's hands-on-hips), and I'm the sassiest princess around; comin'-through, Luigi! I'm always handing out air-kisses to my adoring fans, "Mmmm-wah!" And I'll admit, I tried to use my good-looks to obtain victory at one of Mario's parties; this ordeal ended in me sending Bowser flying with one swipe. And I can't help it if I'm competeteive! I just HATE losing, and winning feels so awesome!

Still, I'd much rather prefer a bouquet of flowers to a bushel of cash! The developers actually named me after my flower-motif, which was drawn up in conjunction with the name of my kingdom, Sarasaland! It takes its name from the calico textiles imported by Portuguese traders from India to Japan during the Edo Period. Calico became widely popular in Japan to the point the Portuguese word for it, sarasa, was adapted into the Japanese language. Calico (or sarasa) textiles are most commonly flower patterns made up of multiple, contrasting colors. This is why it's ruled by me! And just like how animal patterns are named after the fabric (i.e., calico cats, calico goldfish, etc.) its name alludes to the fact it's comprised of multiple, diverse kingdoms. The reason it's written as "Sarasaland," is because of the poor localization for the English release of Super Mario Land. In Japanese, it is: サラサ・ランド. Properly translated to English, it would be: Calico Land. Sarasaland just stuck, though, so that's how you'll see it appropriately!


As far as other things go: I have appeared consecutively for more than a decade. I have a baby counterpart, Baby Daisy, who appears in more games than Baby Rosalina, Baby Wario, AND Baby DK. I have other personal racing-courses like the "Daisy Circuit" and "Daisy Hills." I've had plenty of my own vehicles, and as of the latest karting event, the other ladies use MY bike as standard. In baseball, I'm the captain of my own team, the "Daisy Flowers," and my special is the "Flower Ball." When pitching, my ball is concealed by flower petals, and while batting, the ball's landing spot is blocked-off by a flower-garden; fence included! In basketball, my special is the "Flower Shot," which is an invincible shot aided by my flower-powers; and yes I can dunk. My basketball court is the "Daisy Garden," which has a Petey Piranha instead of a basket! My flower-powers are used in plenty of other appearances, too.

It ain't just flowers, though. At individual times: I've donned my own roller-blades, I've used my powers wielding a pair of pompoms, I've summoned a crystal gauntlet to punch a football, and I've summoned giant crystals from the earth to impale my opponents from the ground up. These along with my flower-powers are things unique to me. And I've done it, so trust, it happened. With all the stuff I have done, you could probably come up with two move-sets; Samus Aran style!


Phew! Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know all that. It seems like a lot of people seem to have opinions on me that don't quite add-up to who I really am. When a lot of you have the misconception of thinking of me as a pallet-swap for Peach, or thinking I always say that one line that happened literally over a decade ago now. (seriously, how often did Mario say, "It's-a-me,Mario!" or how often does Yoshi say his own name, or how often does Waluigi go, "WAAAH!") You probably didn't know enough about me to be sharing your opinion anyway... But seeing as I just dropped some diamonds on you guys, maybe now you can share a more-informed opinion on me.


Hopefully that all speaks for itself. In closing, here's some final trivia. Now that you know who Daisy is, learn who she isn't.

Daisy isn't...
*A Peach recolor: Peach's Smash Bros. costumes that use Daisy's pallets are not what Daisy actually looks like beyond color-scheme or outfit motif in Melee.
**Even before her appearance was further developed, Daisy has always had her own facial-features, head-shape, hair-style, and outfit motif.
**Numerous others have character-themed pallets including Mario having a Wario pallet ever since the first Smash Bros.
*Peach's body-double: While this may have been more arguable in the past, as of 2002 Daisy has a unique body from Peach, being at least a crown shorter and having her own body-type.
**Despite in most kart installments where characters are grouped by weight mostly for the sake of evenly distributing the characters, Daisy was a weight-class heavier than Peach in Mario Kart DS.
*Dark-skinned: In her first two appearances she was light-skinned. Only during the N64 era and her trophy in Melee did she sport a light tan; three games over the span of barely one year.
**The tan was lighter than the tan sported by most male characters during the same period, whose tans come and go even now.
**Despite many seeing the tan as a distinguishing factor from Peach, Daisy's current pallet is more unique from Peach than her others were, and she still has her own skin-tone.
*Short-haired: Daisy's hair was once longer. Daisy's hair was made shorter. But her hair is still long. Daisy's hair reaches to her back. Hair that reaches past the shoulders is long hair.
*Brunette: Daisy's hair is officially orange, and has never been dark or brown, ranging between bright and natural ginger shades.
**Comparing her to the many characters who do have brown hair yields an obvious visual contrast.
*Peach's sister: Daisy and Peach are officially nothing more than good friends.
**Daisy refers to herself as "your sister-in-arms" in a letter to Peach on the Mario Power Tennis website. This is a term meaning the two are close politically or militarily, but not biologically.
**In the Prima guides for Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii, Daisy is referred to as Peach's cousin. These guides are written by individuals working under Prima, and are officially licensed by Nintendo for retail purposes only. Whether or not they are cousins has never been confirmed nor addressed by Nintendo.
*A filler-character: The true meaning of a filler-character is a character included for the sake of making the roster bigger. As completely arbitrary such a label can be, one could accuse any character who isn't the default player-character as being a filler-character. When a character has appeared in so many games doing so many things, however, this argument doesn't stand.


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